Jon Roberts

Jon Roberts

I’ve been singing and playing the piano completely by ear since the first time I heard the Beatles! That’s when I realized I had the ability to listen to a song, then play it on the piano almost instantly! Because of this, I know hundreds of songs in a variety of styles.

There’s nothing like a real piano; however, when one is not available, I am happy to bring my own toys (keyboard and/or vocal setup).

“They” say my voice sounds best singing Elton John / James Taylor type of music. An audio demo is available on line or by request … you be the judge!

After touring the US and Canada, I settled in Southern California for 10 years where I spent days in the sun and nights at the piano. I experienced entertaining in all kinds of venues, from Hollywood to Las Vegas– I’m sure you can imagine!

Now, I’m back home in Boston, Massachusetts; and, available for you in the New England Area. To see if I’m available for your special function …